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Interview with Javier Peréz Dominguez, Reciclacentro

Javier talks to AMM Events about Reciclacentro's role in the Mexican steel recycling industry, lessons learned along the way, and the industry outlook over the next 5 years.

Javier Peréz Dominguez is Director of Operations for Reciclacentro, a scrap recycler within Mexico and a service partner with Omnisource. Javier has a qualification in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterre and has worked as Director of Operations for ten years, dealing with both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap.

Javier spoke at the Mexican Steel Forum in 2018.

AMM Events (AMME): In January 2018 you will be representing Reciclacentro, a company that specializes in recycling Mexico’s steel scrap. How has Recicla Centro reacted to market dynamics and grown into a key market player?

Javier Peréz Dominguez (JPD): Some strategies are related to internal variables, like offering tailor-made services, adding value to materials, and widening the scope of materials we are able to manage. As you may see, all of them imply to grow our capabilities as persons and as an organization. To face external variables, we have to work closely with our customers and generators, having faster feedback about the market events and economic & political issues that affect the prices. This has more to do with trust than with simple data.

AMME: How do you see Mexico’s steel industry changing in the next five years and will Reciclacentro confidently embrace these changes?

JPD: We foresee more consolidation in the industry, but even more important, major investments on developing capacity to supply higher value steels, to replace imports. Also, we expect new foundries to be installed to produce special kinds of steel products. It will require us to develop new capacities, like supplying the right steel´s chemistry to specialized consumers, at the right time and at the right place. Also, we will work in parallel with consumers to get the needed certifications. A major concern for us, as scrap processors, will be the scrap substitutes, in case some mills take advantage on them.

AMME: What advantages does Reciclacentro and other Mexican recyclers have in the global marketplace where there is competition for Mexico’s scrap from non-Mexican companies?

JPD: I think the most important are flexibility, the understanding of our culture, and also, the strategic location that allows us to reach consumers. Open consumer´s doors is a key advantage that derives from the previous ones. Another one is our capacity to supply both grades: obsolete and prime and to help the mills in reducing their mix´s cost. Of course, being established in Mexico, lets both parties (we and the mills) to think on a long term relationship and to take advantage of its benefits.

AMME: During your time in the recycling industry, what have been the most important lessons you have learnt that have aided your success?

JPD: I´ve been in this industry for my whole life (we are the third generation in this business), and the most important lesson is to have a clear mission: Working for the environment, giving the most value for the materials we manage. The other one is to focus on the user, that is not exclusive of this industry. The last one is to be the fastest you can to get adapted to the changing environment we are immersed into. It means to be able to learn and to unlearn; to make quick inventory turnovers, to hear our customers and suppliers about the changes to come, and to stretch your abilities in order to fulfil your consumer´s needs.


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