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Agenda Overview

Scrap Seminar Day: Tuesday, February 25, 2020

9:00AM Registration desk opens
9:55AM Chairperson's remarks
Thorsten Schier, Managing Editor, Americas, Fastmarkets AMM
10:00AM One Stop Scrap Shop - everything you need to know about the Mexican scrap market

Kicking off the day with a fun, interactive workshop that addresses all your common scrap questions

Thorsten Schier, Managing Editor, Americas, Fastmarkets AMM
10:45AM Executive panel - getting to the bottom of the North American scrap market
  • What do current trade flows between the US and Mexico look like?
  • How have depressed prices affected downstream steel production? How is the scrap supply chain mitigating risk?
  • Do we anticipate a rejuvenation in the market?
  • What is the relationship between scrap supply and demand?
Thorsten Schier, Managing Editor, Americas, Fastmarkets AMM
Lane Gaddy, CEO, W Silver Recycling
Nikhil Shah, Managing Director, Scrap Consulting
Antonio Dewey, Commercial Manager, Ferromex del Norte
Javier Perez Dominguez, Chief Executive Officer, ReciclaCentro
11:30AM Networking refreshment break
12:15PM The dynamics of Mexican scrap as seen by Roca Acero
  • Generation and availability of scrap in México.
  • Scrap consumption and flows in México.
  • Different processes for  industrial and obsolete scrap.
Jesus Angel Flores Silva, Operations Director, Roca Acero
12:45PM Examining the scrap flows between the US and Mexico
  • An overview of regional scrap production hubs
  • Does the scrap freight industry suffer from the same challenges as finished steel transportation?
  • How has the downturn in price affected the freight industry?
Yesica Gloria, Director de Ventas y Mercadotecnia, Kansas City Southern de Mexico SA de CV
1:15PM Networking lunch break
2:45PM A deep dive into raw material pricing assessment
  • Examining pricing trends for Mexican and Latin American scrap
  • Does Mexico’s scrap pricing align with the wider global market?
  • Import and export trends for busheling, shredded and sheet
Thorsten Schier, Managing Editor, Americas, Fastmarkets AMM
3:15PM Your need-to-know scrap consumer trends
  • What is the current downstream steel demand mills are witnessing, and how likely are they to source raw materials from abroad?
  • Where are mills sourcing their scrap and at what rate are they purchasing it?
  • Are there specific grades of scrap that mills are more interested in?
Lucas Da Rocha, Marketing Manager, Gerdau Corsa Mexico
3:45PM Close of Scrap Seminar Day and networking drinks reception

Mexican Steel Forum - Day One: Wednesday, February 26, 2020

8:00AM Registration desk opens
8:55AM Chairperson's opening remarks
Thorsten Schier, Managing Editor, Americas, Fastmarkets AMM
9:00AM Opening Address by Fastmarkets
Alex Harrison, Editorial & Pricing Director, Fastmarkets

Session I: Mexico in macro - crucial market updates

9:15AM Executive panel: insights on market dynamics across the supply chain
  • What is the state of the market one year later?
  • How has the new government impacted the steel industry?
  • Where are the latest opportunities for both producers and end users?
Alma Iglesias, Commercial Director, Simec Acero SA de CV
Lucas Da Rocha, Marketing Manager, Gerdau Corsa Mexico
Aleksandra Dobrova, Supply Chain Manager, Honda Trading de Mexico
Norberto Vidana, Managing Director, Norberto Vidana Consultancy
Grace Lavigne Asenov, North American Steel Editor, Fastmarkets
10:15AM Assessing import and export trends of Mexican steel
  • How have we seen the market for semi-finished and finished steel over the past year?
  • Can we expect an upturn in prices for next year? Which products look the most promising?
  • Analysing trade flows between Mexico, North America, and the wider market
Thorsten Schier, Managing Editor, Americas, Fastmarkets AMM
10:45AM Networking refreshment break

Session II: Upcoming end users and opportunities for the Mexican market

11:30AM European and Mexican steel: joining the dots
  • Overall situation of TR steel, situation in 2018-19
  • Current situation in TR flats steel, in line with investments in last couple years
  • Protectionism: Effects of S232 and EU safeguard.
  • TR and MX common points: auto and white goods industries, targeting North American and EU markets.
Ersun Ozdemirel, Sales Manager, Borcelik Celik San. Tic. A.S.
12:15PM Building the future? Current activity and predicted demand for the construction industry
  • An overview of new projects and expected upstream demand
  • Is construction set to become the most important end use for steel in AMLO’s administration?
  • How are the steel requirements for construction materials changing?
Jose Luis Vargas Martinez, General Manager, Harsco Industrial IKG de Mexico SA de CV
12:45PM 'Greener steel' in Mexico - is energy reform trickling down?
  • How has the way Mexico makes steel changed over the last decade? How does this align with government objectives?
  • What impact does this have on the quality of steel produced?
  • How can current mills take advantage of new technologies in a cost effective way?
Hernan Trevino Cantu, Energy Manager, Deacero
1:15PM Networking lunch break

Session III: Technology showcase

2:30PM How can the latest technical advancements in steel melting give your company’s production a boost?
Michele Mangia, Area Manager, Danieli Automation SpA

Session IV: US-Mexico focus - what is in store for the region's trade dynamics?

3:00PM Driving the change? The rise and fall of the Mexican automotive market, and what to expect for next year
  • Assessing the reasons behind market volatility in Mexico’s automotive sector
  • What are the biggest challenges facing automotive OEMs today? How can companies seek to overcome them?
  • How do the European and Asian markets impact domestic production in Mexico? Where are its most prolific trading partnerships?
  • Are there sectors outperforming the Mexican auto industry? If so, which?
Oscar R Albin, Presidente Ejecutivo, Industria Nacional de Autopartes
3:45PM Networking refreshment break
4:15PM All eyes on Mexico - the US' approach to strategic opportunities south of the border
  • Assessing the health of steel in the USA and the project activity of 2020
  • How is Mexico’s steel industry of strategic importance to the United States? Is this set to continue?
  • What will US steel importers and exporters be watching out for in the Mexican steel industry?
Michael Cowden, Senior Price Reporter, Steel, Fastmarkets AMM
José Hoyos-Robles, Partner, Trade & Commerce, Baker & Mckenzie Abogados Sc
Armando De Lille, Partner, Baker & Mckenzie Abogados Sc
5:00PM End of day one and the rooftop cocktail drinks reception

Mexican Steel Forum - Day Two: Thursday, February 27, 2020

8:30AM Registration desk opens
9:25AM Chairperson's opening remarks

Session V: Breaking down the steel supply chain

9:30AM Spotlight on service centers
  • What are the main challenges service centers are facing in the current market downturn?
  • Assessing the pricing trends of semi-finished steel products
  • What is the nature of competition between service centers in Mexico? What can companies do to ensure competitive advantage?
Homero Menchaca, Director General, Nacional de Acero
Norberto Vidana, Managing Director, Norberto Vidana Consultancy
10:15AM Perspective of a steel mill
  • How are Mexican mills coping with the decrease in demand? What strategies are they enforcing?
  • Assessing the impact of decreased steelmaking capacity and what this could mean for the economy as a whole
  • Are mills seeking alternatives to the domestic market?
Daniel Riojas, Sales Sub-Director, AHMSA
10:45AM Networking refreshment break

Session VI: The power to change - keeping up with global aspirations for a cleaner industry

11:30AM Aluminium and automotive – one year later
  • Examining the outlook for aluminum in the automotive industry how has this has progressed over the past year
  • Is it likely that aluminum demand will replace steel demand for the production of vehicles?
  • What other steel-dominant industries have been affected?
Norberto Vidana, Managing Director, Norberto Vidana Consultancy
12:00PM Close of Day Two of the Mexican Steel Forum and Networking Lunch

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