Excel Add-in

We understand that your time is precious and the huge breadth of commodities data available can often be a challenge, but our customizable Excel Add-in enables you to quickly surface the data that matters to you in an easily consumable format.

Our Excel Add-in is an incredibly simple way to integrate our benchmark price data into excel workflows. Get access to our data quickly and receive prices seconds after they are published by our global price reporters as well as historical data.

Choosing to receive your data through our customizable Excel Add-in will enable you to streamline your data analysis processes, accelerate searches and improve data interrogation workflows. Seamlessly integrate our data into your models in Excel for further calculation, formatting, and charting.

Why choose Excel Add-in?

  • Simplicity: Easy to install, requiring minimal IT support
  • Versatility: Build bespoke templates, charts and graphs
  • Peace of mind: Remove the risk of manual data entry
  • Compatibility: Seamlessly integrate our price data into your Excel workflows

We offer over 2,000 prices which are broken down into eight data packages to suit your business needs.

  • Base Metals
  • Industrial Minerals
  • Minor Metals
  • Ores & Alloys
  • Precious Metals
  • Scrap (Ferrous and Non Ferrous)
  • Steel
  • Steel Raw Materials
  • The All Metals Package (full access to all of the above packages)

Click here to see what prices are included in each package.

Interested in our Excel Add-in?


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