Scrap Trends Outlook

What are you hearing about the markets?
That's a question we get asked almost every day.

So now, we'll tell you what we are hearing! Fastmarkets AMM and Fastmarkets SPB are your go-to sources for daily news and pricing, but what about the outlook?

Imagine being able to know in advance what your allies, competitors, colleagues, peers and clients are thinking about what's to come in each new monthly scrap market. Scrap Trends Outlook, takes the pulse of the market and delivers an exclusive look at where prices, supplies, demand and other factors may be heading.

Each month Scrap Trends Outlook gives you a chance to listen in on the emerging industry conversation about the upcoming scrap market. Tracking attitudes and perceptions of more than a dozen different market factors, Scrap Trends Outlook provides a comprehensive tool for buyers and sellers to gaze into an industry consensus of where the price and availability of scrap may be heading. Scrap Trends Outlook is your crystal ball for the scrap markets.

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Scrap Trends Outlook data includes:

  • Overall monthly trend presented as a numeric indicator of market direction (compilation of 15 major market factors).
  • Analysis of historic trends as an indicator of future performance Quick view of future price trends for prime, cut, frag, foundry and misc scrap grades.
  • Perceptions broken down by buyers and sellers (plus other participants) about future market price trends.
  • Quick view of 10 things to watch that will likely impact the markets each month.
  • Recent mill activity by region.
  • Perceived changes in demand, supply and prices Indexes of the outlook on market factors including steel mill production, service center demand, total mill orders, export demand, dealer's yard inventory, local yard supply, mill inventory, home scrap, alternative irons demand, seasonal factors, transportation, and other historical factors.
  • Outlook of demand, inventory, exports, production and overall trends by buyer (integrated mills, mini-mills, foundries, export yards, brokers) and seller (generator, processor, dealer, export yards, brokers) perception.
  • Outlook by region by mill factors, service centers, exports, dealer stock, and brokers.
  • Long-term outlook and analysis of past indicator performance.
  • Easy-to-read summations of news and trends contributing to upcoming market changes.

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