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  • Aerospace is on flight to profit, at least eventually

    Although the aerospace sector has substantially outperformed the market, leading analysts say, downside risks have heightened, despite end-user production rates that in some cases are twice what they were when the Great Recession hit seven years ago.

  • AK is building a world-class research, innovation center

    A measure of the importance domestic steelmakers place on the role that technology will play in the steel industry of the twenty-first century is AK Steel’s recent announcement that it plans to build a new, world-class research and innovation center in Middletown, Ohio.

  • Are steel, import and raw materials prices still linked?

    Last spring I took a look at what factors might most be having an impact on the direction of steel prices. The conclusion was that steel imports and raw material costs produced the most correlation. A year later, is this still the case?

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