• To buy or not to buy Feb 04, 2016

    In a low-price environment like the one facing scrap sellers today, is it better to own or to lease large, expensive but necessary equipment for a yard?

  • Recovery rates Feb 04, 2016

    Scrap operators will need clean yards and balance sheets as steel woes continue to cast long shadows, and while helpful, new technology is not a panacea.

  • Rolling right along Jan 11, 2016

    Mexican light vehicle production is expected to trend upwards for several years to come, as this growth somewhat mirrors the recent steady progression of automakers into the southern United States in recent years, and Mexican auto builds are expected to increase along with higher demand.

  • Analysts believe trends are mixed in coming markets Jan 06, 2016

    The North American stainless steel industry may have too many distributors, which is leading to challenges at both the end-user and mill levels.

  • Making the case Jan 06, 2016

    At some level, the fate of U.S. steelmakers’ ability to remain viable competitors on the domestic and global scene could be at stake in legal cases and challenges targeting what is alleged to be the unfair importing of coated, cold-rolled and hot-rolled flat steel products from across the world market.

  • Positive views try to fight through a negative period Jan 06, 2016

    The outlook could look better for stainless if improvements in consumer consumption, capital expenditures and more provide some momentum.

  • Producers believe market could reflect some daylight Jan 06, 2016

    There’s almost going to be no growth in stainless steel demand, some analysts say, but a slight bump in that view could be good for producers.

  • Border orders Jan 06, 2016

    Mexican steelmakers have invested some $4 billion in the past five years to add about six million tonnes of installed capacity, at the same time that U.S. imports are accounting for a vast majority of the steel used in the country’s booming automotive assembly industry.

  • Are views of the market fundamentally sound opinions? Jan 06, 2016

    The stainless steel sector is maintaining a ‘cautiously optimistic’ outlook about how the underlying fundamentals will affect growth during 2016.

  • Can new year put some energy back into the market? Jan 06, 2016

    After a beating in 2015, the steel pipe and tube market is betting on modest gains—if any—during the next 12 months, amid poor indicators.