• Bugatti develops 3D printed titanium brake caliper Apr 09, 2018

    Bugatti, the European supercar manufacturer, has succeeded in designing a titanium brake caliper that can be produced by 3D printing.

  • Demand for batteries Apr 09, 2018

    The attractiveness of nickel to investors has increased at the prospect of the proportion of its use in lithium-ion rechargeable batteries being substantially increased – from a 1:1:1 nickel-cobalt-manganese ratio initially used, to an 8:1:1 ratio.

  • Encouraging outlook for Indian DRI production Apr 09, 2018

    Long-term steel production targets, gas consumption, environmental regulations, captive mining and stockpiles of iron ore fines are among the factors at play in India’s markets for iron units. Kunal Bose surveys the scene

  • Global impacts of Section 232 Apr 09, 2018

    Ferrous markets globally have been reacting to President Trump’s announcement that imports of steel into the United States would incur tariffs of 25%. Metal Bulletin’s international team of ferrous scrap reporters* explains the recent impact on key markets of his decision about Section 232

  • Industrial production starts at Hydro technology pilot Apr 09, 2018

    Hydro has started producing aluminium metal at its technology pilot in Karmøy as it begins verification at an industrial scale of the world’s most climate-and energy-efficient aluminium technology.

  • Materials in flight Apr 09, 2018

    While the replacement of metals by composites in aerospace has captured much attention in recent years, the aluminium and other light-metal industries are far from idle in developing new lighter alloys and technologies for the sector. Gregory DL Morris reviews recent progress

  • Nickel drivers Apr 09, 2018

    The long-term outlook for nickel looks bright, but has the market run too far ahead on optimistic expectations? Richard Barrett asks experts on the nickel market for their opinions

  • Obsolete versus prime availability Apr 09, 2018

    Views are mixed as to whether obsolete or prime grades will be most impacted by the renewed strength in the domestic steel market.

  • Ovako launches digital Heat Treatment Guide Apr 09, 2018

    The Ovako Heat Treatment Guide enables the company’s customers to calculate the mechanical properties of a selected steel after heat treatment.

  • Scrap – sorted Apr 09, 2018

    The demands placed on every link in the steel and metal scrap supply chains are increasing. The volumes and complexity of materials entering the industry are growing. And the quality requirements of scrap buyers are rising. Here is a selection of technologies recently developed that respond to those trends